My Coaching Philosophy (The Johnson System)

When I decided to teach snooker as a career, I was determined I was not going to become just another coach with yet another opinion. This was because when I started out as a player there was so much conflicting and confusing information available to me, and this sometimes hindered rather than helped my game. The advice was mostly well-meaning but you could literally ask ten people the same question and get ten very different answers. These were almost always based on, and limited to, their own personal experiences. Some personal experiences do carry merit, of course, but I resolved at the outset that my teaching method was going to be based on facts and not opinions.

At the same time, I knew I had to cater for a player’s specific needs, and not think that one rigid template would suit every player. For example I was a naturally attacking, high tempo player myself, but as much as I have always enjoyed developing players of that ilk, I also needed to acknowledge and take account of the fact that other players would be slower and perhaps more naturally cautious in their approach. And there are innumerable other differences, and permutations of differences, between people which affect their game, including: age, height, weight, flexibility, fitness, gender, impetuosity, patience, confidence, previous training, motivation, drive, level of attention, memory, hand-eye coordination, stamina, balance…

Every pupil of mine is a unique individual; although the fundamental principles and facts behind my teaching do not change, the way of applying them is versatile and tailored to the person in front of me. My students receive an individualised version of my method, The Johnson System, tuned specifically to them.

With the assistance of my unique training devices I endeavour to offer every player a very individual and revealing technical experience which uncovers…

Whether you should be using your vision centre for alignment purposes, or if you should actually be using what I would categorise as your familiar, or even your instinctive sighting instead

Exactly how and where you should stand behind the shot

How you move into the address position

The optimum way for you to build yourself around the cue

Your true tempo, timing and overall cueing capabilities

How to offset properly when playing with side

Your ability to cue from the cushion with no fear

How to master rest play

The powerful effect you experience when developing finely tuned instincts, and then trusting them implicitly

All of the above serve to facilitate an accurate, seamlessly repeatable and uninhibited shot process which will, in turn, help to encourage genuine confidence and belief.

My job also involves developing a player’s complete game and requires attention on…

Becoming a better all-round potter and break-builder

Improving your shot selection and tactical awareness

Practising the right things for you, and in an efficient manner

Developing a stronger mindset, temperament  and concentration

Body language


Whatever your ambitions or goals as a player, my coaching will work for you because: it is based on facts, not opinions; it has proven highly successful in helping thousands of players over many years; and it will be customised and attuned to your particular needs, weaknesses and strengths.

This award-winning blueprint described above and which I have referred to as ‘The Johnson System’, has been nearly 40 years in the making. It is named in gratitude to my parents, Maureen and Bobby Johnson as recognition of the unfailing support they gave me from the day I fell in love with snooker.

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