Mitchell Mann

I first worked with Mitch around 2012. As a junior he’d been a real child protégé in the junior ranks, and by the time I got to have a look at him he was in his early 20s. He had seen a lot of different coaches in a fairly short period of time and was understandably somewhat muddled, but you could clearly see the class he possessed was still in there.

In the 7 months we first came together he managed to win numerous pro-am tournaments, broke a national record when winning 4 English Tour Titles on the run, and then won the European Men’s Championship to gain his place on the tour. He did all this whilst rebuilding his game, which took a lot of courage and determination.

We got together briefly again a few years later and he got through to the Crucible as the lowest ranked qualifier.

I am really fond of Mitch. We worked well together and I learnt so much about how to drip-feed the required changes at the correct rate to help remould a player’s functionality, whilst also improving results and raising confidence.